7 ways to make your home more Parisian

Let’s face it, we all want to live in Paris, eat baguette and croissant for every meal and have the perfect messy-dirty-but-clean hair. The real Parisian style. Sit on the small balcony where you drink your coffee every morning and judge other people walking on the street. No? Just me?

Paris is the top leader in fashion and has been for decades but the Parisian interior is just as classy and a complete gem!
Most of us don’t live in Paris but there is always a way to bring the vibes across seas and into your home (read tiny flat with an ordinary wooden IKEA tiled balcony).
The idea is to have gorgeous, standout furniture mixed with the minimal classics. And it should be put together like you didn’t think much about it (but obviously you did). It should be beautiful but equally functional, nobody likes a home that looks like no one lives there.

Here are some tricks for you to make your home more Parisian:

1. Have books in weird places. Colour and height coordinate them! But don’t tell anybody you did that.

2. Go for the gold. The rusty romantic one. Mirrors, frames, chairs. You can probably find pieces like that at your local antique store. Finding something unique is even better, you don’t want something that everybody has. Not very Parisian.

3. For those who are all in, purchase old faucets for the bathroom and kitchen. Then take a bubble bath and listen to Edith Piaf (but don’t care too much about it).

4. Buy plenty of fancy skincare products and display them in your bathroom. It makes it also more fun to use them!

5. Black and white tile patterns. Put it everywhere in your house, including the ceiling. So when you wake up you remember: Oh right, I’m a Parisian chick.

6. Have a statue of a butt in your living room. No words needed.


7. Ask yourself, could this furniture be replaced with a furniture made entirely out of mirrors? If the answer is yes, go find and buy that furniture.

Final tip
Remember, if you like it you should buy it. Don’t let people crippled with irony like me tell you what to find cool.

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Karen Thorsteinsdottir

Karen is an Icelandic based comedian with a great love for fashion, interior and movies. Please, if you ever see me wearing crocs in a lazy boy, shoot me.

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