Confessions of an addict

Let me introduce you to my latest addiction. It’s called Balenciaga. They have had me hooked before, and they’ve done it again!

They basically invented the sock sneakers and the slim ultra thigh-high boots, and now Balenciaga just dropped a new pair of pure, edgy coolness, which is in every other street style picture at the moment.

Those sneakers are an irresistible temptation for me, and they are definitely on my wishlist for Christmas!

Triple S sneakers BALENCIAGA  DKK 4.837 / € 650

Triple S sneakers BALENCIAGA  DKK 4.837 / € 650
Mille Schnack Poulsen


Currently based in Copenhagen working at NUDE magazine and 9PR. Trying to get the most out of life and learn to master the art of speaking French. Exploring creativity through art, music and fashion is truely my source to happiness.

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