Female empowerment

Today is a special day for women all around the world. The 8th of March is the International Women’s Day and together with & Other Stories we’re celebrating the power, beauty and individuality of womanhood.

Being a woman today means there is no limitation on what you can and can’t do. You can achieve anything you want.
Ines Melia, Artist & DJ Paris

& Other Stories opened their very first store five years ago and will be celebrating not only the anniversary but also the International Women’s Day today.
The DNA of & Other Stories is built on the beauty of individuality and diversity. Encouraging women, no matter style or age, to joyfully show their personality and tell a story through the clothes they are wearing.

Personal style is all about diversity and telling a story of your own.
& Other Stories

It all started around the year 2011 with an idea about a beauty brand, but & Other Stories expanded the idea to Ready To Wear, jewellery, shoes, bags and much more. With a strong name and beautiful collections, they opened their first store in London 2013.

With ateliers and designers in Paris, Stockholm and LA, & Other Stories is truly capturing the essence of three different worlds of the Scandinavian effortless aesthetic, the chic Parisienne and the LA casual statement look.

Over the years & Other Stories have made design collaborations with strong and inspiring women such as Clare Vivier and Kim Gordon. Through their ‘Styling Stories’ and creative projects, they have created a platform for young and upcoming talents to show their personal style to inspire and celebrate creativity.

Female solidarity is a global network
Amie Brame Sey, Stockholm

To celebrate the International Women’s Day and the five year anniversary, & Other Stories are launching a campaign today focusing on strong women from Paris, Stockholm and LA, who all have amazing personal style in common.

Hands up for all the women around the world!

Mille Schnack Poulsen


Currently based in Copenhagen working at NUDE magazine and 9PR. Trying to get the most out of life and learn to master the art of speaking French. Exploring creativity through art, music and fashion is truely my source to happiness.

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