How I feel about the Logo-Mania trend

I remember clearly when I was ten years old, and the Danish brand Friis & Company was everything in my school. After the summer holiday, everybody had the popular Friis & Company bag, with a great, big logo on it – a crown. The bigger crown, the better.

On the international stage, we had Louis Vuitton. If you had a bag with the famous LV-logo, you were the shit! I dreamed so much about a Louis Vuitton bag, but because of my very young age I didn’t have the money, and my parents didn’t think it was a proper gift for an eleven-year-old girl. Clever move, mom, and dad, very clever move.

After the huge Logo Mania trend, I have been allergic to everything with logos on it, for many years. But then Balenciaga happened, and in 2015 I got a Balenciaga bag, with ’Balenciaga’ printed on it. The bag was a totally ordinary canvas bag in white, with the logo in black. I said to myself that it was the design and not the ’name’ that made me buy it, but to be honest, I don’t think I would have been THIS excited about my purchase if there was printed ’Mango’ on it – no offence Mango!

So do I like the LogoMania trend?
Yes! I really like the trend … I mean, I am just a human. I think the text logo is making a cool and edgy twist for a bag or shirt. But still, there is a side of me, that think’s I am a silly slave of the fashion industry.

However, Balenciaga and Fendi are doing it really well, and perhaps it is okay to be a bit influenced by trends, and highest on my wishlist I have a Fendi bag with logo’s all over!

Alberte Whitta


Alberte is 21 years and lives in the heart of Copenhagen. Alberte is a real fashion freak, and she loves keeping herself informed about what is going on in the world of fashion.

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