How to embrace self-love at work

Its kind of hard embracing real self-love when you are a social media slave and broke. But its very important. Self-care is not an immediate reward (maybe that’s why its hard and sometimes seems pointless), but if you commit to it, it definitely pays off in the long run.

Put self-care at work! That’s a whole other level. We spend most of our lives at work (us non-royal folks) so why not practice the love there? Fortunately, we stumbled upon an e-guide on how to practice it, made by Career Contessa and the one and only Sophia Amoruso #Girlboss.

The best part is, its FREE!

The guide contains a bunch of great advice which not only relate to a desk job but every job and school! (Those group projects demand all you can get self-love, lord) like:

  • How to write your own career mantra
  • How to track your success
  • How to grow your work-confidence
  • How to speak your truth (again, the group projects)

The guide states that when you think sitting at your desk and work and work and work without standing up or taking lunch is the best for you and the company it’s usually not. Ward work is sometimes working against yourself. And while you burn out, other people wait patiently in line for your job.
You need to treat your self-care like a job! That’s when you come up with the great ideas, put in your calendar when to meditate. It’s a project, and you are the brand. When you take care of yourself as a brand, it benefits your workplace.

Also my favourite advice:

“Trust others to do their job.”

There is a reason why you are not the only employee at the company. You NEED others, and they need you. When you are doing your best, expect others are doing their best as well. When coworkers feel the trust, they also trust in return.

Get the guide HERE and start caring for yourself at work!

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Karen Thorsteinsdottir

Karen is an Icelandic based comedian with a great love for fashion, interior and movies. Please, if you ever see me wearing crocs in a lazy boy, shoot me.

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