Welcome to the story of JOMO, also known as “Joy of Missing Out”. Sit down, and imagine this scenario: You’re enjoying what you’re doing in the here and now and not on social media broadcasting or seeing what everybody else is doing. How sweet does that sound?

I once decided that I would try to live a bit more after the philosophy based on the term JOMO. The philosophy builds upon the latest tendencies like social media detox, mindfulness, meditation and personal development. It is a reaction to the fast living life, where social media rules, and where snap strikes are more important to us than air. It is the opposite of FOMO – “Fear of missing out” which dominated the time a few years ago.

Some days I sit and wonder how much time I actually spent on my phone or laptop, and what else I could have done in that time.

As a fashion student, editor at NUDE and part of the SoMe generation, I naturally spend a lot of time on my phone and laptop. Always being up to date is a hard job!

I guess you all know about this scenario: You sit down (just for 5 minutes right?) and looks through Instagram and suddenly 45 minutes have passed by, and you still haven’t worked out, made dinner or started on the assignment due tomorrow. Instead, you have been flipping through several of stories, and now knows all about someone who was having a nice salad for lunch, and you have watched a video of a cat who can play the piano. All very impressing, but also seriously time-consuming and not very useful in the end.
These days you see people with phones in their hands everywhere (even Snap Crap is a thing you know…Yikes!) Sometimes when I am taking the bus or train, I keep my phone in my bag, and just enjoy the ride while looking out the windows. You would be surprised at how people look at me! As if, I am the weird one. They seem so afraid of having eye contact for just a second, or even worse – what if I should start talking to them! Can you remember when you last went from A to B without looking at your phone, and actually just sat down and enjoyed the ride?

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JOMO is so much more than just disconnecting from social media occasionally. It is about living in the moment, and about accepting the fact that you just cannot be everywhere all the time. It is about learning to say no to stuff and enjoy having your own time. I had a hard time taking the time out and saying no when I was younger. I felt like I was missing out on something important!

I started working on my mindset and began to accept that I simply could not be everywhere all the time and that I sometimes just needed a personal time out. I did so by thinking about all the positive sides of missing out. For example, I would say to myself “Well, tonight you have the time just to sit down and read a magazine” or “Today you shall just relax and spent some quality time with your family”.

For me, JOMO is also about prioritising to spend time with people that are important to you and be there both psychically and mentally.

I often think about living in the moment. I think about it when I see someone at for example a concert, filming everything and not looking at the stage one time with his or her own eyes. I think about it when I see a group of people being out together but has to document everything on Snapchat or Instagram. I know it is a massive generalisation to say these people do not live in the moment, but when everything has to go through a lens, you cannot ignore the fact that you are somewhat distance. Therefore I try to appreciate where I am and with who. So ladies and gentlemen give it a try, maybe you like I, perhaps you don’t – But at least you gave it a shot! I guarantee you will be surprised how much extra time you suddenly have when you enjoy missing out.

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