Sparkles, fishnet, dancing and sex – GO see the Rocky Horror Show!

Borgarleikhúsið, one of the biggest theatres in Reykjavík invited us to see their latest show recently, the classic, Rocky Horror Show. Man, did we have a good time!
The piece was first portrayed in 1973 and seems always to be as popular as it was back then, all around the world. I guess the mix of men in heels, vinyl outfits and horny and horrible looking aliens (who are also amazing singers and dancers) makes a timeless piece.

Brad and Janet are newly engaged. They are on their way to see Brad’s friend when their car breaks down, and in the middle of nowhere, they end up asking for help at this horrible castle Where Frank-N-Furter lives among other not very sane people.
The story has been made into a movie, but sometimes there is nothing that can compare to the magic of theatre. People flying in the air, the chance that everything could go wrong, the interaction with the audience and so on. In one sentence, the show was amazing!

Photographer: Grímur Bjarnason

Everybody in the audience went nuts when one of Iceland’s most beloved singers, Páll Óskar started to sing (portraying Frank-N-Furter) wearing nothing more than a wig and some lace (The man is 48 years old and has never looked better #bodygoals).

Photographer: Grímur Bjarnason

The songs were great, and the translation of the songs was fresh and fun. We highly recommend it people in Iceland! (Tickets here). Even if you don’t like going to the theatre you will love this show!

Don’t bring young kids along though…unless you are ready to explain what eating pussy means!

Photographer: Grímur Bjarnason
Karen Thorsteinsdottir

Karen is an Icelandic based comedian with a great love for fashion, interior and movies. Please, if you ever see me wearing crocs in a lazy boy, shoot me.

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