The IT-Items of 2017

2017 has been an exciting fashion year. We have re-found our great love for Balenciaga, and we have wept our salty tears over Phoebe Philo’s exit from Céline. New trends and IT items have turned up on the fashion scene, and today we put a focus on items that have been exposed a lot on the social media.


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Saks Potts Yvonne coat
The Yvonne coat from Saks Potts has had a dominating position in our Instagram feeds since the fall, where many influencers wore it in the streets of Copenhagen. We have chosen to have this coat as an IT item, because it has several trendy features, its colorfulness, its fur details and its 30’s-inspired lady-like look, with length to the knees.


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Vintage hair clips
In the summer it became a trend to bring hair clips home from exotic travels in Asia, preferably in pastels with rhinestones, or with delicate shapes as shells or hearts.


Balenciaga Point-toe mules
The summer was also the time where pointy-toe shoes where taken to new levels, as we discovered (and fell in love with) Balenciaga’s shoes with the saying name ’point-toe mules,’ which you could buy in bright colors like green, hot pink and blue.


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Balenciaga’s striped shoppers
This year it became ’in’ to have a bag with enough space for all your stuff, and in particular, a striped shopper from Balenciaga dominated in both street style and on Instagram.


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Gucci velvet belt bag
The beautiful Gucci velour belt bag embraces many 2017 trends. Gucci has had a fantastic year and has all the time been creating new items that we want to get our hands on. Velvet has also been seen on shoes, bags and ready-to-wear. The belt bag has appeared in several disguises, from, e.g., Miu Miu, Prada, and Valentino.


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Totême Mom Jeans
Loose is cool! Totême proves this with their bestseller ’original denim light blue wash, seen on many influencers trough 2017. Mom jeans have found its way to all of our closets, and we expect the trend to continue in 2018.


We can’t make this list without mentioning another IT item from Balenciaga. Balenciaga has had an unusually good fashion year in 2017 and has several times designed items that have found a place in our hearts. For instance, the awesome Triple S sneakers that have been hyped the last few of months, and the hype will continue for a while. As the name says, these shoes have three layers of soles.

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Alberte Whitta


Alberte is 21 years and lives in the heart of Copenhagen. Alberte is a real fashion freak, and she loves keeping herself informed about what is going on in the world of fashion.

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