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Happy Friday everyone! This Insta weekly will be a little bit different since we are focusing on people, trends and memories from the past. Take a look at the throwbacks below and get inspired, have a laugh and get nostalgic.


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ELLE MAGAZINE March 2018 @elleusa 📘📙📗

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If you’re not already following @coco_pinkprincess, I will strongly recommend you to do so! SHE IS THE COOLEST! 7 years old and already a fashion killer. I Love the 90’ties references and then she is just adorable.


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Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, and Lance Bass #90s

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Noooo Justin, what is this? Normally I actually dig, when people dye their hair lighter in the top, but this just looks like someone spilt a cup of noodles on the top of Justin’s head. #lovethe90s


It is always funny to see old pictures of famous and influential people, that we all know. I just love the smile on Snoop Dogs face – might be the smile of Cameron Diaz buying marijuana from him. And at this time they probably didn’t know, that in the future they would become world famous.


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Macaulay Culkin, New York, 2003.

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I think we all remember this young fella as Kevin form Home Alone. An innocent little boy who was forgotten when the rest of the family went on holiday. Now he grew up to be Macaulay Culkin, but to me he will always be Kevin.


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Johnny Depp in "Cry Baby" (1990).

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I think everyone, who has watched Cry Baby with Johnny Depp fell a bit in love with him in that movie. And obviously it continued, I mean look at him!


If you haven’t already watched Leon The Professional go do so right away. It is one of my all-time favourite movies, and a very young and talented Natalie Portman plays one of the main characters as Mathilda who just lost her family and meets the gangster Leon. Go go go!


As we all know it is extremely trendy at the moment to search for inspiration in the 90’ties and year 2000. Brands as Balenciaga and Gucci have clear references in their collections. But but but, not all trends are reborn, which luckily for all of us will be a funny memory, that will stay in the past. I’m pretty sure, that I’m speaking on behalf of all of us when saying that Paris’ dress is made to stay in the year 2000.


That’s all for now.

Go treat yourself with a glass of wine in the sun and celebrate it’s Friday like Paris would have done!


Mille Schnack Poulsen


Currently based in Copenhagen working at NUDE magazine and 9PR. Trying to get the most out of life and learn to master the art of speaking French. Exploring creativity through art, music and fashion is truely my source to happiness.

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