This week’s Instagram highlights

Welcome back to this weeks instagram highlights. Are you ready for the weekend? We most certainly are! The weather is perfect, and we are just ready to grab a drink, go dancing and enjoy the sun!


We just really love this picture! And also heads up to @molllsclair! She is super cool, funny and then she have a very special but beautiful look. Sow her some love!


@Ziiropa is not only a super cool Mexico based womenswear brand. They also have a very beautiful profile with such inspirational pictures. 


Though Copenhagen is absolutely beautiful during summer, this looks just way too amazing. Take us to this paradise!


A little heads up about a brand, I recently got to know. They create some very beautiful minimalistic pieces, and I want to own them all. Take a look at @orseund_iris. You’re welcome!


Friday, we welcome you with a big smile! Paris and Nicole know how to celebrate!


That’s all for now.

Enjoy life, drink more wine and happy weekend to all of you!


Mille Schnack Poulsen


Currently based in Copenhagen working at NUDE magazine and 9PR. Trying to get the most out of life and learn to master the art of speaking French. Exploring creativity through art, music and fashion is truely my source to happiness.

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