Invited to a wedding? We found the perfect dresses

The sun is out, and the wedding season is just around the corner. We can’t wait to get our invites and the chance to buy a perfect new dress for the occasion, and of course to see the beautiful wedding couple. I am going to celebrate my mom and dad’s 25 years wedding day in June, in the Kings Garden in Copenhagen, and I am looking for the perfect dress.

Zara 449 DKK / € 49,95

When you choose a dress for a wedding it is important not to overshine the beautiful wedding couple. But, of course, it isn’t illegal to look your best and to make an effort. And then the obvious – avoid white!

No. 21 4.620 DKK / € 620

If you ask me, the perfect dress for a wedding is a midi length dress (because the midi length is the shit in 2018), in a floaty material and of course in a beautiful colour.

H&M 499 DKK / € 67


Second Female 999 DKK / € 155


& Other Stories 695 DKK / € 89


By Malene Birger 3.799 DKK / € 515


Stine Goya 2.200 DKK / € 296


Vero Moda 379,95 DKK / € 50


Mango 1.499 DKK / € 179,99
Alberte Whitta


Alberte is 21 years and lives in the heart of Copenhagen. Alberte is a real fashion freak, and she loves keeping herself informed about what is going on in the world of fashion.

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