I love reading books! However, being in school and having to read those thick thousand page ones when I’m stu-dying does not make me want to pick up something else to read in my spare time (A Netflix stand-up special is usually the choice. Or when I want to shut my brain completely off, its makeup videos with a soothing music.. weird).

But when you do pick up a book and its good, it´s always a wonderful time. A good book is like a good dessert; you finish it before you can properly enjoy it because you just couldn’t stop eating/reading. While other books are like flossing, you read, and you are proud of yourself for doing so, but then you forget. Again and again.. and never finish.

Since my time studying psychology is almost over, and I’m writing an essay, I decided that in order to take a break from the computer I should read. So I purchased a couple of books from Amazon.

I used to be a part of a Disney book club when I was younger and collected all the Disney books (all the same size and thickness, really satisfying to look at on the shelf) but since I quit that, I am now a collector of books by people I find interesting and inspiring.

Authors like Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Bergur Ebbi, Alex Ferguson, Matt Lucas, Tina Fey and the list goes on…

Young-Disney-Karen would not be proud of that pile of mismatching books

The book that I’m reading right now is by Maria Hatzistefanis, the founder, and CEO of Rodial and Nip + Fab. Its called How to be an Overnight Success – Making it in business.

I do not plan to become an entrepreneur in the skincare business nor do I plan to have an overnight success. The latter one is good because on the first page of the book it says: “One thing is for sure: success does not come overnight.”

Did I buy this book just because of the cool cover? Perhaps…

The book is about how Maria Hatzistefanis, a girl from Greece and lover of skincare decided to risk it all to build her own company. She used to work on Wall Street wearing Prada and flying first class but when she realized it was not her passion she quit (how is Prada not your passion, not getting that part). Now after Rodial and Nip + Fab (which I use religiously) got popular she’s started to buy Prada again, AND she does what she loves, so I guess you really can have it all!

I haven’t finished the book, but I surely recommend it!

Reading about how everyone can do what they want as long as the passion for doing it is there is so inspiring. There is no perfect candidate for being an entrepreneur; you just have to want to.

And also, reading about other people MISTAKES is great (and fun…). She made all those mistakes and still is the CEO of a world famous company! Now if that is not a reason to pick up a book, I don’t know what is.