Cecilie Krog is 27 years old, Copenhagen based blogger and stylist. She has a love for minimalism and a passion for Scandinavian style and embraces the art of wearing black, white and grey. She shares beautiful and inspiring pictures on her Instagram and blog and we love her shopping inspiration!

When did you start blogging, and what was your motivation for getting started?
I started my blog about five years ago in 2013. I wanted to create a place that would be mine where I could be creative and post anything and everything. But after a couple of years, I found my focus and my blog became more than just a hobby.

What does the term influencer mean to you?
Being an influencer is such a powerful thing. To me, the term influence is a person who has the power to inspire others and make them feel that simply can live without the bag the influencer has.

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most?
Oh, that’s a tough one since there are so many incredibly inspiring people out there. Alone on my Instagram, I follow over a 1000 people. But I must say Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have a great influence on me. I can’t tell you how many items I’ve bought throughout the years only because I’ve spotted it on them.

What have been your keys to success?
I still have a long way to go, but the key to how I’ve gotten this far is a lot of hard work and being consistent with my style.

What is still your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is still growing my audience, especially on the blog. I have this theory that people are more likely to check out your Instagram profile then your blog.

What does a typical day in your week look like?
At the moment I work as a fulltime blogger/influencer and freelance stylist. So a typical day for me is a lot of hours spent in front of the computer or the camera. But I’m actually looking for a job.

What is your favourite social media platform and why?
My favourite social media platform would be without a doubt Instagram. It’s not only the place where I have most success and followers, but it’s also a visual media, which I absolutely love.

What are your three favourite tools for working your social media?
I can only think of one tool at the moment, which is the app UNUM. I’m obsessed with UNUM where you can plan your Instagram feed and make it visually pretty.

How far ahead do you plan your content?
I like to plan a week ahead, but sometimes I’m really busy with freelance work, so I don’t have time to prepare, and sometimes I like to make space for spontaneous content.

Are you introvert or extrovert?
People might not know it when they see my posts, but I’m kind of shy and introvert which is something I’m continually working on. It’s not the best quality to how in this business.

Who inspires you, when it comes to fashion?
Honestly, everyone inspires me when it comes to fashion. I love going throInstagramstagram and see all
But if I have to do a bit of namedropping I love Phoebe Philo, Elin Kling, Columbine Smille, Sara Crampton, Amanda Shadforth and Kaitlyn Ham. And of, course once again I have to point out Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

What is your best styling tip?
My best styling tip would be only to wear something you feel good wearing. If you’re uncomfortable, it shows, and you won’t be able to shin like the star you are!

What is your closet filled up with?
If you ask my boyfriend, he would say that my closet is packed with knits, shoes and bags but to be honest, I have a lot of everything since I’m terrible at throwing things out.

Describe your style
I would describe my style as a mix of Scandinavian and minimalistic with a touch of something personal. Another thing that characterises my style is my great love for black, white and grey.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
My favourite item in my wardrobe would be my Acne Studio Jensen boots which I wear all the time. I’m also very fond of my Gucci Dionysus bag.

What will we never see you wearing?
I’d never say never, but something you probably won’t see me wearing is pink thigh high boots.

What will your next purchase be?
I’ve made a long list of sale items from Zara so that will probably be my next purchase. But my next big purchase or what’s on the top of my wishlist at the moment is a Boyy bag.

What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear about you?Well since my blog isn’t that personal but more about style and fashion I guess there’s a lot of things my followers would be surprised about. One thing could be that I’m a twin or maybe that I’m a huge fan of old Danish black and white movies.

What is your best advice you will pass on to others who want to get in the game?
It might sound very cliché, but susses doesn’t come overnight. It is something I’ve genuinely felt personally. I also believe that you should only do it if you’re really passionate about it and not merely to make money or get famous.

What would you like to achieve within a year?
Well, I have written down an entire list of things that I’d like to accomplish within 2018. First of all, I’d like to grow my blog and my audience especially my Danish audience. I’d love to make a design collaboration with a brand. I’d also love to get a job in fashion, like at a magazine or more freelance work. The last thing on the list is to go to Paris. I never been to Paris so that’s a must this year. I’d really love to take a ton of photos and eat croissants all day long.


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Image Credit: Cecilie Krog