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In the Ker studio, everything is recycled. Porcelain, clay and glaze leftovers are reused if possible or recycled, minimalising waste. Ker’s production uses 100% green energy and is in the process of getting an official certification from The National Power Company of Iceland. Every step is taken to make the entire production as environmentally sustainable as possible.

All items by Ker are designed and handmade on the wheel by ceramic artist Guðbjörg Káradóttir. She mixes Icelandic volcano ash into porcelain giving every item a unique look and feel.

Gudbjorg Karadottir, Ker ceramics, kerrvk


Icelandic nature has always played a big part in Káradóttir’s work. She grew up in Hafnarfjördur, a small town built on lava. Growing up in this environment and the magnificent Icelandic nature has had a significant influence on her work to this day.

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