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Have you been loyal to the same fragrance for years? Have you ever tried to change your perfume as the seasons change? Although some people are reluctant to change fragrances out of habit, others like to alternate their scent with the seasons. How can you choose a seasonal perfume? From spring to winter, find out which fragrances to choose for a stunning result every season!

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Why change your perfume with the seasons?

Whether it’s snowing or the sun’s rays are beating down, one thing’s for sure: you never leave home without perfume! We often focus on our personality, our tastes and our age when searching for the perfect scent. Contrary to popular belief, these are not the only things to consider as you search for the ultimate fragrance. While it’s true that our perfume should reflect who we are, it should also reveal our mindset at any given time. From long summer evenings outside to nights in by the fire, our emotions change with the weather. It’s no wonder you need to choose a new fragrance as the seasons change. Let your feelings guide you and reveal who you are. Seasonal perfumes? There’s plenty to consider!


A different perfume for every season!

In perfumery, every period of the year has its iconic notes and scents. Whether warm and seductive or fresh and fruity, every fragrance reveals a different side as the season’s change. Read on for all our advice on finding irresistible fragrances, all year round.

Fall’s has arrived and spicy scents are here to stay

Fall’s here: the holidays are over and it’s back to everyday life. Although the days gradually grow shorter and the temperatures drop, that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up or give in! This season, focus on warm, enveloping fragrances that are full of character. Strong scents with woody and spicy notes are ideal for this special season. The ultimate notes to warm things up and leave hearts racing this fall? There’s no doubt about it: musk, sandalwood and vanilla!

It’s easy to adapt the way you wear perfume with the seasons so that you can continue to leave a mesmerizing scent in your wake, whatever the temperature outside. In summer, it’s best to avoid using perfume on your skin if you plan to be outside in the sun for several hours. The best idea? From a distance, spray some perfume on your hair. As your hair blows in the breeze, it will subtly release some of your fragrance. You can also create a cloud of perfume and walk through it to capture the fragrance. It’s the ideal way to create a delicate veil of fragrance!
In winter, it’s not easy to leave a subtle scent behind when your skin is covered up. Our advice? Leave nothing to chance: perfume your scarf, your hat and your coat.


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