Ok, life-changing is maybe a bit dramatic – but still! This product is everything, and more. The mineral dry Paste from Björn Axén gives you an instant, powerful volume. The long-lasting mineral clay builds volume straight from the root. Zeolite is a natural mineral that not only adds structure to the hair; it also acts as a scalp deodorant.

I was at an event where I met Johan Hellström, the owner of Björn Axen, the biggest haircare-brand in Sweden. He was presenting new Dry Shampoos (I will write about them later) they were amazing, but the Mineral Dry Paste that wasn’t even a part of the presentation stole my heart. I have fine hair, and because my roots aren’t coloured they have a tendency to be a bit flat and dull, the Mineral Dry Paste can totally fix that and bring some volume into my life!

It can be applied to damp or dry hair. To maximise volume, massage the product into the scalp while the hair is damp and then blow dry. For additional volume, massage the product into blow-dried hair a second time. Let the clay expand in the hair for a couple of minutes and then use your fingers to massage volume up from the scalp.

Powerful Volume Mineral Dry Paste Björn Axén  DKK 260

The product was gifted.