Bye bye Kevin Spacey, hello Robin Wright! She’s just getting started.

The new House of Cards teaser trailer is here, and it’s all we want and more! Netflix unleashed the trailer for the sixth and final season of the hit series during the Academy Awards. As expected, the lead character Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey was nowhere in sight.

As we all know, Netflix dropped Spacey from the series when he was accused of multiple sexual harassments and sexual abuse. Spacey had also signed on a film produced by Netflix named Gore, but that project was also dropped.
Instead, we see Rogin Wright as Claire Underwood sitting in the Oval Office saying “We’re just getting started.” (aaaaaand goosebumps).

If anyone can carry a hit series on her shoulders its Robin, we all saw her in Wonder Woman, what a boss. The first episode will air this fall on Netflix. We can’t wait!

“Hail to the Chief.”