5 Tips from Mozaík: How to turn negative emotions into your great advantage. Just as superstar M.I.A did it!

Matangi / Maya / M.I.A., a documentary by Stephen Loveridge, was one of my favourite films at CPH.DOX 2018. From Tamil refugee to activist pop star. One of this year’s best music films is told by the frontwoman of M.I.A.. In a combination of M.I.A.’s own video footage, which spans several decades, and newer material, we are given a unique look at the strong, sensitive and activistic person Matangi behind the superstar M.I.A. while she is up against the hysteria of pop culture, the media machine and endless political agendas. One of this year’s best music films.

How is M.I.A different from pop stars like Selena Gomez?

Not saying M.I.A is a better pop star than Selena Gomez, but she is definitely more controversial. When Selena Gomez sings about her love affairs, M.I.A is making provocative political statements about repression and genocide of the civils in her home country Sri Lanka. From Tamil refugee to activist pop star. This is definitely a good and positive story for an artist like M.I.A. But also is there any better ways than turning a negative experience into something positive and productive?

This cool documentary led me to think about how we can use our negative feelings and experiences to be and become productive and creative.

Guide: How to use your negative emotions to change yourself – and maybe also the world, as M.I.A did it.

Here are 5 Tips on how to turn negative emotions into your great advantage:

1. Anyone can be creative
Even if you are not skilled with creativity, you should try it out anyway. Strong feelings can make you think and create something you have never done before. Might it be cleaning up or playing music? And if what you are doing doesn’t look or sounds right, at least it feels good!

2. To make your intuition and feelings control your creativity
Try to put on some music and paint something you don´t know what is? Let your intuition and your feelings control the painting. You don’t necessarily have to share it with your friends, on Facebook or Instagram. This is only for you!

3. Learn from your weak moments
If you have a bad day, don’t hold out yourself! Instead, take your time to write down your thought and feelings on a piece of paper. You can actually learn so much about yourself if you read it later on.

4. Allow yourself to have this bad day
Instead of always neglecting your bad feelings, try to put on some music that reflects your feelings and see how it makes you feel?

5. Creativity is not just a matter of skill. It´s a mindset.

You don’t necessarily have to become an artist like M.I.A. Also you can use your feelings and experiences constructively in your daily living. If you are aggressive or feel sad, try to use this energy more effective by cleaning up your room, or maybe you can get motivated to go for a little run?