April is near and the days keep getting longer and longer. That means it’s time to think about the greatest season of all, the swimsuit season! For us that have never mastered the self-tanner properly, hitting the pool is perfect for getting a little glow and relax (I’m not talking about literally swimming, nobody does that). It’s a big culture in Iceland to go to the pool; it’s so good for the soul. I regularly go and switch fast from going to the sauna and the cold tub, and it has done wonders for my back problems.

But! You can’t go naked to the pool, and for the most of my life, bikinis have been the it-pool-piece. Until now. The one piece has made its comeback and with the logomania effecting all of our lives, why not take a look at some of the most beautiful statement swimsuits we found touring the internet. And please do not forget to purchase inflatable flamingo when you buy your swimsuit. If you do not sit on a giant flamingo in the pool, then did you even go?


Quick tip: Beware of those quick dry machines for your swimsuit at the pool (RIP beautiful Lonely Lingerie swimsuit). If you love your swimsuit, let it hang and dry.

And yes, splurging on a great swimsuit is a great investment. It will prevent you from having to buy a new one every summer and, if its the right fit, the material will stay up your butt when you step out of the pool (we can all agree that it’s never fun when the bottom does that haemorrhoids thing).

Last but definitely not least! Do not forget the sunblock! DO NOT FORGET SPF!
I know Caitlyn Jenner agrees > Here