Fashion Editor Alberte Whitta & Editor in Chief Johanna Christensen

Back in February 2017, Lala Berlin hosted a show during the Copenhagen Fashion Week, with a significant message and a strong political statement. At the end of the beautiful show, which presented the Autumn Winter 17 collection, designer Leyla Piedayesh appeared, holding on a sign with the text: ”I’m an immigrant!”

This is also the text on a very special t-shirt that Lala Berlin has designed to collect funds for an issue close to Leyla’s heart: the refugees.

For every ’Im an immigrant’ t-shirt sold, the surplus goes to the organisation ’Im and Angel, e.V’, a German NGO that helps refugees.

Leyla Piedayesh about the t-shirt:

”Our ‘I’m an Immigrant’ T-Shirt is a reference to my Persian origin. The T-Shirt is my answer to the Bundestag results to point the way regarding the political situation. The whole proceeds will be donated to the aid organisation ‘Be an Angel e.V’, which supports immigrants to immigrate.”  Source

Fashion Editor, Alberte Whitta and Editor in Chief, Johanna Christensen

At NUDE magazine we applaud Leyla’s courage to incorporate critical political issues into fashion. We support her statement 100% people shouldn’t have to suffer because of borders, especially children.

In one way or another, we are all immigrants!

You can help too by buying the T-shirt right here.