Meet Mayia Alleaume the founder of Sentara

In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as a fashion & celebrity make-up artist, beauty and health Guru and crystal bowl & healing master. She has worked with the biggest names in the business for over 15 years and has been interested in health and beauty from a very young age.

In the traditional local language, ‘Sentara’ means going towards what is good for you.


Since her childhood, Mayia Alleaume has been experimenting with the power of alternative medicines to strengthen the energy of the body and mind.
In the Basque Country, where she grew up, she was inspired by the strength and spirituality of mythology.

In the traditional local language, ‘Sentara’ means going towards what is good for you. And that is what she has always done. Alongside a successful career as a makeup artist, in 2017 she decided to create a skincare range that is both powerful and caring.

In search of more spirituality, she became passionate about stones and became an expert in lithotherapy. Today, still fascinated by Basque mythology, where natural forces (the sun, the moon, the air, the water…) are incarnated through human forms, she chooses the alignment between body and spirit as the red thread of her project. Thus, from the body to the spirit, each product completes and strengthens itself to reconnect to oneself with more meaning and spirituality.


To achieve this harmony I practice self-massage every morning. It is important to reconnect with yourself and take a few minutes to do yourself good.

I practice self-massage either with my fingers or with the help of Gua Sha. They come from an ancestral technique from Chinese medicine which combines acupressure and lithotherapy, it is a tribo-effleurage technique that consists in scraping the skin to produce light frictions to favour blood circulation and the circulation of energies.
The energy of the stones, combined with the massage, works wonders. Massaging the face regularly brings radiance and skin regeneration.

The use of lithotherapy daily is part of my rituals. I practice every morning with a crystal that I have chosen to accompany my day. For the choice of the stone, you just have to trust your instinct and choose with intuition. You will always go towards the energy that you need at the moment.

In the evening, I practice purification rituals with sacred incense, such as palo santo and sage. Native Americans practice energy cleansing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You can cleanse objects, places and yourself.

Light a candle and set an intention for renewal. Place the sage stick or palo santo in the flame so that it can burn. When it burns sufficiently blow out the flame.

Wrap yourself in the smoke, it will immediately place you in a state of harmony. Cleanse your space if necessary and repeat until you feel in tune with yourself and your space. Feel the new energies flowing through you.