Miild is the newest edition to the ever-growing beauty market. However, this brand comes with a new view on how to do makeup. With two cool ladies behind it, Tine Emilie Svendsen and Tanja Gregersen who have created Miild, a sustainable, organic, vegan and hypoallergenic make-up. You heard it right, that means you can now use make-up with a healthy conscious and without any fears of developing allergic reactions to it. We interviewed the girls about a year ago when they were still working on the products, now they are in the stores, and the interview can surely handle a rerun. 

What is Miild?
Tine: Miild is an organic, vegan, sustainable and allergy friendly make-up brand. That is what is most important for us.
Tanja: Miild is revolutionary, because it is a makeup brand that you haven’t seen before, and because we have focused so much on the nature of the ingredients in our products, they include no allergenic chemicals. We aim to be the cleanest makeup brand in the world.

What inspired you to start Miild?
Tine: We both have allergies. Tanja is born with it and I have developed my allergy throughout my life.
Tanja: In the end of 2014, I had just stopped working as a store manager, and it was on the last day that Tine joined me for farewell drinks at my work. She came up to me and said: “Tanja, we need start this”. She had just been tested for three hours and had been through many other allergy tests before, and she told me, ‘If I don’t stop using the make-up I am using now, then I won’t be able to use any make-up ever’. That’s how it started because we both had allergy problems.

Why do you feel like we need a brand like Miild on the market?
Tine: We felt there was something missing; there was a hole in the market. We felt like it was so difficult to figure out what chemicals beauty products contain, as they have very long ingredients lists. Even with our background as both makeup artists and beauticians, it was difficult to understand how other people outside of the industry who does not have the same knowledge as we have and also could be allergic, could understand what they’re putting on their bodies. So we wanted to have something there that was completely honest and transparent.

You have created some completely clean make-up products, so what does your product consist of? 
Tanja: The products are produced in Italy and the eyeliners are made in France. The eyeliner is made from organic trees. All of our products are based on organic minerals.

Which products can we expect to see in your makeup line?
Tine: To start with, it is a basic line-up of everyday makeup, including a fluid foundation and compact mineral powder. We chose to make it compact, as we were advised by the Asthma and allergy association (here in Denmark) to do so. When you have a loose powder it can enter into your respiratory airways, so it’s much better to use a compact powder if you are allergic.
Tine: I have asthma, so I also had airway irritation when I used loose powders.
Tine: That is something you don’t think about, but it’s relevant. There is also a bronzing powder, a highlighter, blushes, eyeliners in brown and black, mascaras with two different brushes, eyeshadow kits, and concealer kits. Last but not least, there is a lip balm with a slight hint of color.

The ingredients include no allergenic chemicals. We aim to be the cleanest make-up brand in the world.

Is there a product you are particularly excited about?
Tine: Definitely, I am so in love with our bronzing powder, Apricity. It is so beautiful. Every time I open it, I still get so excited.
Tine: I think I’m more of a skin girl so I am really looking forward to the foundation, powders, and concealers. I love them all, and love experimenting with them. Another favorite is also the highlighter– it’s so beautiful.

What is your own personal skincare routine?
Tine: Less is more.
Tine: Mine is very simple. I use a lot of oils, including pure almond oil from Urtegården, to remove my makeup. That is the only product that I am not allergic to. I follow it up with a wash of lukewarm water. I also use the almond oil as a day and night cream; just in general, I really like pure oils.
Tine: I use a brand called Green People. I have atopic dermatitis and I have been really happy with it as it is organic. I also really like oils – right now we are playing around with an oil product called Baobab oil, which is a fruit from an African tree that we were recommended to use.  Otherwise, we also like this fake tanner from a brand called Eco by Sonya.

What do you feel is the most important element to reach a nice and healthy skin?
Tanja: Know your skin type.
Tine: There is a lot of aspects of eating healthy and drinking a lot of water, but also listening to your body. I think our bodies really tell us a lot if we just listen to it. Otherwise, go after certified products because they have already done the job for us and made sure there is no allergenic chemicals or preservatives.
Tine: I feel, with skin care, if you can endure oil then use it because you know what’s inside it, compared to other complex products with longer ingredients lists.

You both have allergies towards makeup and beauty products, so what are your best pieces of advice for women in a similar situation as you? 
Tanja: If I didn’t know that Miild was on its way, I would start by being more critical towards brands and question the ingredients of products. I think it is important to be critical as a consumer.
Tine: Buy products that are as pure as possible, as well as them being certified. Buying brushes with synthetic hairs and washing your brushes regularly is also very important. It’s a good thing to put your brushes in boxes because, as I found out,  they collect a lot of dust if they stand out in the open.

You give a lot of great pieces of advice about allergies on your blog thisispure.dk. Can you give some good advice on how to check if a product is cleared of any allergenic chemicals? 
Tine: There are three apps that we really like, which are called Kemilex, Kemiluppen and Allergyapp.

Where can we buy the products?
Tanja: You will be able to buy them at our own webshop Miild.dk, but also at Helsam and the stores they distribute to. Lastly, you can buy our products at Miinto.dk.

You can follow Miild and become a Miild Member to get updates, on their website and their blog. This interview was first published in NUDE magazine in the fall 2016.