New year, new closet! We have reached 2018, and that is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a fresh start, also when it comes to fashion and style. It’s a good idea to clean up your wardrobe to get an overview of what you have and what you don’t have. It will make it easier for you to mix the items you keep for a perfect look. Fashion Editor Alberte Whitta guides you on how to can clean up your wardrobe.

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Make cleaning a pleasure
First of all, it is essential that the big task is fun. Otherwise, you will get stuck in it before you have even started. Put your favourite Spotify playlist on and give yourself plenty of time. You can also invite a friend to help. Others opinion can be crucial when you are deciding what to throw out.


Storage boxes for out-of-season clothes
Invest in some storage boxes for the clothes that are out of season. You don’t need to look at your summer dresses every day when it is minus degrees outside. In that way, you make space in your wardrobe. Do the same with the winter coats, in the summer.

When was the last time you wore those trousers?
I know it all too well myself: it is tough to throw out clothes that you once loved to the moon and back, because what if you will fall in love with it again? But let’s face it – if you haven’t worn those trousers for half a year, you are probably not going to wear them again.

What are ’you’, and what is it you just want to be?
It can be hard to accept that you just don’t feel as comfortable in a bodystocking as Beyoncé does. Most women know how it feels to have a way too low-cut dress hanging in the wardrobe because it could be so cool if it were ’you’ – but it isn’t, so it just stays in the closet. If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t be wearing it.

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Colour coordinate your clothes!
It creates the best overview to have your clothes hanging in a system, for example, colour coordinated. In that way, you will always know exactly where the blue blouse perfect for your ’outfit of the day’ is.

My kind of Colour coordination!