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Start the new year on the right skincare note!

With their unique technology and revolutionary products, Swedish FOREO is not just another skincare brand. Using T-Sonic pulsations, FOREO will take your cleansing routines to the next level.

We love the range of FOREO products and especially the LUNA has become a part of our daily cleansing routines. Using technology, research and forward-focused insights, FOREO creates visionary solutions, setting the new benchmark as well as challenging the existing standards within skincare routines.

All of FOREO´s products are equipped with the T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulsations technology to deliver a more effective cleansing result. T-Sonic pulsations are designed to work into the deeper layers of the skin. These pulsations gently drive away dead skin cells and makeup residue, improving the absorption of skincare products.

Their products consist of ultra-hygienic, soft silicone bristles that are gentle on your skin, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin, and it is so easy to clean and sterilize.

We are head over heels about FOREO, that makes us both look and feel better. If you haven’t tried their products yet, you can buy them here.

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Our Fave Picks

Absolut favorite
The ultimate top-shelf accessory, UFO is the world’s first smart mask treatment. This innovative beauty device combines the latest in skincare tech with Korean mask formulas for an indulgent facial treatment you can enjoy morning, night, or whenever you have 90 seconds to spare.

2.195 DKK

Cleanse down and firm up!
LUNA 3 is the ultimate addition to your cleansing ritual. Featuring upgraded T-Sonic™ pulsations at 16 different intensities, LUNA 3 blasts away dirt, oil and makeup residue in only one minute. With an improved design that offers longer and softer silicone touchpoints and app-connected firming massage routines – LUNA 3 is the best way to get the youthful glow you’ve always dreamed of.

Luna 3
1.495 DKK

De-puff those tired eyes
The uniquely designed and ophthalmologist approved IRIS eye massager utilizes alternating T-Sonic™ technology to reduce the visible signs of crow’s feet, dark circles, and bags under your eyes. IRIS also dramatically improves the absorption and efficacy of your favorite eye cream or serum.

1.099 DKK

Hydrate hydrate hydrate
Infused with hyaluronic acid, this microfiber face mask instantly drenches dry, thirsty skin in soothing moisture. Pair with UFO or UFO mini for the ultimate 2-minute facial treatment for dry skin – because hydrated skin is healthy skin!

H2Overdose Mask
155 DKK / € 19

Luna 3Redefine the meaning of a perfect cleanseNo matter how long or hard you scrub with your hands, they’ll never get your face as clean, firm, and smooth as LUNA 3’s soft silicone and high-tech T-Sonic™ pulsations.

— Foreo