We’re not all born with lush lashes and thick brows, or maybe you’re guilty of overplucking in the 90’s (you know who you are). Whatever the case, sometimes you just need a little help and that is where M2 BEAUTÉ comes to your rescue.
M2 BEAUTÉ is a specialist among luxury beauty brands. The company focuses on developing innovative cosmetic products to maximize and optimize your natural beauty.


I was blessed with dark and quite long eyelashes, so I have never really thought much about them, I guess you always focus on the things you haven’t got right? However, with age, I have noticed that my lashes have become less full, but still, I was not obsessing about it. But like the beauty junkie that I am, I couldn’t resist trying the M2 Beauté’s Eyelash Activating Serum when I got the chance.
I have used it every night for about six weeks and what a difference! My lashes are thicker and longer when I apply mascara they almost get too long, I am not complaining though.

Thanks to its active complex of scientifically proven ingredients (Key active complex MDN stimulates lashes at root, increasing the number of lashes and promoting growth), this potent serum stimulates the growth of eyelashes and makes them visibly longer, thicker and stronger.



My brows are a different story. They’re thick and dark…the first half, the second half (after the arch) was almost non-existent, just a few lonely fair hairs.
I have thought about getting them tattooed, but I have yet to see a better after than before picture, so I dropped that idea. So you bet I was excited to try the M2 Beauté’s Eyebrow Renewing Serum. The serum is designed for out of shape, sparse or over-tweezed brows and thanks to its high-quality care components, the serum stimulates the growth of your eyebrows, restoring and transforming them.

It took me a few weeks to see any difference. At first, I noticed that the hairs were getting quite long and I could comp my brows in different directions, and the ends were finally getting fuller. After I coloured the brows, I could see dramatic results.

Here I am with no makeup at all, with coloured brows before I shaped them – So you could get the full effect. I have got so many new hairs that Noel Gallager almost can’t compete (still a 90’s kid) My lashes are quite long as well.


The downside is though that these products are expensive, but they last for months and give you incredible results. You just have to figure out of full lashes, and thick brows are worth it to you. There are fake versions out there so be aware if the price is low it probably isn’t legit. So make sure you buy it at salons or webshops you trust.


The products were gifted – Photo credits: Johanna Christensen / NUDE magazine