bloomon was founded by three rebels on a quest to turn the flower industry on its head. And spread happiness throughout the world. It is a delivery service where you can order fresh and amazing flowers to your home with a few clicks. You just have to choose the size of the bouquet and delivery time. You can order one time only or you can subscribe so you never have to think about it, just enjoy the luxury of fresh flowers in your home or office. We got our first delivery last week and the flowers were astounding.

Flow is bloomon’s new collection. The bouquet collection is inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy of ikigai (pronounced ee-kee-guy), – the search for what brings you purpose and happiness. Fresh, seasonal flowers to turn your home into a sanctuary of wellbeing.

bloomon’s floral artisans analyse global trends – from local interiors to the runway – to create style-savvy bouquets that shine in every space and are designed to surprise.

The flowers come directly from the growers. That means that once the flowers are picked they don’t hang around in the cold morning air on the back of a lorry – or are crammed into a box, waiting for hours to be auctioned. bloomon delivers the sleepy little darlings straight from their bed to your table!
You get fresh bouquets up to 10 days! Just remember to change the water often.

bloomon delivers straight to your doorstep every Wednesday in Denmark and this year Valentine’s day is on a Wednesday so it couldn’t be more perfect. We recommend that you show yourself some love with a fresh handcrafted and artistic bouquet of flowers.

Click here to find out more or to order.

We received a bouquet as a gift in connection with this article.