Thursday morning I met up with the lovely ladies behind the upcoming Danish brand Unlimit – a sister brand to ADAX. Unlimit has in short time gained a large number of dedicated customers and it doesn’t surprise me. The Unlimit bag is undoubtedly the perfect everyday bag, and there are several reasons why!

The price 
When it comes to Unlimit, almost everyone can join the party. With prices from € 149,90 to € 199,90 € (DKK 999 to DKK 1.499) it doesn’t take years of savings, so you can use your money on cakes and travels instead.

Room for everything
Like Mary Poppins’s little flowery bag, there is almost room for everything in Unlimit’s bags. Even the small model – Ellery – is surprisingly spacious, and a lot of space is a must when it comes to the perfect everyday bag, and my laptop fits perfectly in the large-sized ‘Melody’ bag.

A colour for every taste
Every second month two new colours arrive in the webshop, so there is something for every taste! I am personally in love with the purple bag that will in April 2018.
In Unlimit’s assortment, you will find both classic and timeless colours such as black and bolder ones like purple and red.

Quality at highest level
Every Unlimit bag is made from either calfskin or suede, and you can easily go out in the world knowing that your bag is a classic and loveable for many years to come.

Style tip
Carry it with a flowery dress and statement earrings, or a sweater, and heels! Everything goes with the Unlimit bag.