I can not believe that I haven’t meet podcast before in my life. All those long trips in the car, and walks with just music. Don’t get me wrong music is the best, but 5-hour drive to my hometown (and then back to Reykjavík) where there is no radio at times on the way, you can get a bit crazy in the head listening to Songs to sing in the shower on Spotify.

Then I met podcast, circa two years ago. What a wonder, education, comedy, fiction, interviews, something that suits everyone and what mood they are in. Like music (or like everything) Podcasts have to match your mood, you know, when that girly girly mood hits its fun to listen to two girls talk about period or Soulcycle but sometimes it makes you want to throw your phone out the window and shout: NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR ORGANICUP SHARON! Its all about balance…

I’m a binge listener so I don’t like waiting a whole week for a new episode.

I like finding series that are at least one season in so I can binge while I walk/drive/clean/get ready in the morning/work out/cry in the shower.
Last week I found a great show called By the Book. It’s about two women, Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer. In each episode, they take on one self-help book and live by its rules for two weeks to find out if the book is actually life-changing.

Books like the Danish The little book of Hygge and the classic Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It’s both heartwarming and hilarious to hear how their week went and about those often not so wise tips so I recommend it to all!

Find it on your Podcast app, on Spotify or HERE.

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