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Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer is the founder of September Edit, an Instagram and blog that she started three years ago. She focuses on the timeless aspects of life. At the moment she is on maternity leave, enjoying her new life as a mother and getting to know her daughter Carla. Caroline is married to her husband Mark and lives in Copenhagen.

When did you start blogging, and what was your motivation for getting started?
I started September edit three years ago. It started as an Instagram account, and then the blog came later. I have always been a visualist and enjoy sharing things that inspire people.
As a child, I always wanted to be a designer or an architect, but my student council told me that it was way to hard and that I should choose something else. I studied design and business in Copenhagen and wrote my bachelor project while working full time at ELLE. My bachelor project back then was about digitalising ELLE, quite funny to look back at now and very outdated. The last six years I have worked with production, styling, PR, and marketing in fashion, lifestyle and interior. Today, I do a lot of what I was told wasn’t possible.

What does a typical day in your week look like?
Nothing is typical right now. I have to get used to the new life as a mom and slowly find a work-life balance. I share things on the blog and my Instagram when I have time and are not too tired. I have to be productive when I finally have the time to work on the blog.

What makes your home personal?

My home is soft minimalism. It has a mix of sculptural furniture and classic Scandinavian design. I focus on lighter colours and love everything with texture.
The combination of furniture and objects is what makes my home personal. The things I find on flea markets and mix it with new designs. Also, the fabric is essential. Rugs, curtains, throws, and pillows make all homes more personal and inviting.

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What is your signature style?
I would say soft and sculptural minimalism.

Is your interior style mirrored in other aspects of your life?

Yes, I would say, and I think others would agree. My clothes are minimal and sculptural as well. Colours from my home are also represented in my clothes and jewellery.

Your home always looks super chic and monochromic on the pictures you post online, but please tell us – Are you also a mess sometimes or are we dealing with a true “Monica”?
I am totally a mess too. I only show a little of what my life really is and how my home looks. My images are styled and curated to inspire and not to show all the messy corners, that is not what my followers want. I often share a bit more with my stories.

From where do you find your inspiration?

It is the easiest question to answer and the thoughts one to understand – Everything. As a creative person, you are never really off duty. I always scan whatever I see for inspiration. It can be a colour, a texture, something written – anything really.

Do you have a favourite piece at home?
I have a lot of favourite pieces. Mostly the ones that are unique and can’t be found everywhere like my Bruno Mathsson sideboard that I bought on a Swedish online auction, or my antique Arne Jacobsen chair that my husband restored and gave to me as a birthday present.

How do you like to unwind at home?

I like to drink some good tea or coffee, read my favourite magazine or browse the Internet for inspiration. I also love to get my notebook out to make patterns and notes.

SOAP table by Sabine Marcelis

What interior trends are you lusting over this season, and what do you think your next purchase will be?
I think we will keep seeing more sculptural pieces in all sorts of materials. I would love to get a new dining table. The SOAP table by Sabine Marcelis inspires me.

What item will we never ever see in your home?
Never say never. Everything is a circle and things you never found interesting, suddenly becomes a huge trend.

Could you give a simple home styling trick from you to all of our readers?

Curtains and rugs. If you don’t have them, get them…

What are your dreams and ambitions for your blog and yourself?
My ambition is to keep on being relevant and inspire others. I keep pushing my limits when it comes to styling, photography and art direction. I think it is essential to learn all the time. I listen to podcasts, follow specific networks within the industry and always try to learn something new that contribute to interesting content. To me, it is just as important to keep yourself updated as what you are educated in.



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