Soft Minimal

If you are a little scared of colours in your home, try to add soft shades to your palette. It can really add some character and warmth to your decor but still keeping it minimal.

Interior, Frama, Vitra, Tables Karl Springer, Ostrea Rock Glass Vase Hein Studio, Standard (SP) Chair, Jean Prouvé Vitra Espresso Cup Ker., Paustian, Gelato Spoon Yali Glass, Tekla, Rivet Box Table Frama, Mellow Mind soap

1. Tables by Karl Springer   //   2. Ostrea Rock Glass Vase Hein Studio  DKK 1.099   //   3. Standard (SP) Chair, Jean Prouvé Vitra  DKK 3.800   //   4. Espresso Cup Ker., Paustian  DKK 190   //   5. Gelato Spoon Yali Glass  DKK 300   //   6. Percale Bedding, Lavender Tekla from DKK 895   //   7. Rivet Box Table Frama  DKK 4.500   //   8. Rose Clay Soap, Lavender Mellow Mind  DKK 100

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