In fashion anything can happen, and who saw that the plastic bag (in fact anything plastic) could end up being a major trend?

We first saw the plastic-bag trend on the Balenciaga and Céline catwalks for SS18 and in Copenhagen at the Saks Potts SS18 show. Everyone that attended the Saks Potts show got a goody bag that was, …a plastic bag with Saks Potts logo printed on it, and fashionistas proudly showed it off all around the city.

This trend is perfect for Northen Europe, where it rains aaaall the time, and it is indeed a practical and eco-friendly solution. Who would ever throw out a Balenciaga plastic bag after one trip to the supermarket?

It might even make people think about the way we treat our planet. Plastic bags are not for single use, but something you should treat like it was worth 592 dollars.