Being alone on Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be sad or boring. Trust me, after too many years as single, I know! It can actually be the perfect way to show yourself some serious love and spoil yourself with beautiful nail polish, your favourite candy and of course some spontaneous shopping – without a boyfriend breathing down your neck at every step. What’s not to like?!

You don’t need anything to justify your Valentine’s shopping adventure, but if you are still in doubt, let us show you the perfect Valentine’s goodies, to keep for yourself!

The perfect start to Valentine’s day put on some red nail polish and a smile in the mirror.
Nail polish, Nail Berry  DKK 155 / € 16 




Show yourself some love with a Love Tag from Jane Kønig. From you to you.
Love Tag necklace, Jane Kønig € 67 / 500 DKK


Which day is better to wear a t-shirt with the statement ’Power of feminity’ than on Valentine’s day? None! – Show the world your independence by wearing this t-shirt, when you go to the restaurant with your girlfriends.
T-shirt, By Malene Birger  DKK 599 / € 80

There is nothing better, than the feeling of self-confidence. Make your Valentine’s day even better, by giving yourself the pleasure of feeling sexy.
Underwear, Lulu’s Drawer  Bra DKK 200 / € 25  // Panties DKK 100 / € 16


Indulge yourself with this oil serum, formulated with seven essential oils and botanical oils to help refining body skin appearance, firmness and elasticity.
Aromessence Svelt Oil, Decléor  DKK 400 / € 64


The perfect way to end your Valentine’s day is in this silky soft pyjama from Olivia Von Halle.
Pyjamas, Olivia Von Halle  DKK 3.599 / € 485

Do it like Coco! – If you need a little self-confidence, read some kick-ass quotes from ’Pocket Coco Chanel Wisdom’.
Pocket Coco Chanel Wisdom, Urban Outfitters  DKK 60 / € 8