I’m positive that this is not me.

There is something freeing and relaxing about going to the pool or the beach and not touch the bottom. Just float.
Now imagine if you could do that in your own private little pool with no light and no sound. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? We tried it and so can you! Floating is the newest spa treatment out there and the reason it’s so fascinating is that it’s not just good for your body its also great for the soul.

We went to Hydra Flotation Spa in downtown Reykjavík and floated like a log for one hour.

When you come in you are escorted to your own room with a shower and floatation tank. You take a shower, swimsuit or birthday suit and get in the tank. Don’t forget to forget your phone at home. You are there to do absolutely nothing but float. Then it’s your choice to close the tank or not. I was nervous closing it because I suffer from claustrophobia (cried so hard once when I had an MRI, TWICE), but it was no problem. The tank is that big and the lid is under your control.

There are lights in the tank but they go out when 15 minutes have passed or so. And then they come back on when your time is over. In the meantime, it’s just you, perfectly heated water at 37 degrees Celsius and an infinite amount of Epsom salts. Seriously, a cow could float in there the amount of Epsom is so much. The magnesium in the salt is also sedative so there is no need to get anxious about floating in the dark with nothing but your thoughts. It’s really hard to care about anything when you are that relaxed!
The effects of the salts stay with you long after you get out of the tank and I felt it the next day as well.

I recommend Hydra Flotation Spa for everyone. Its great for tired muscles because you cant lie the wrong way when floating and it’s also wonderful for easing busy minds.

Check them out at Hydra Flotation Spa Facebook, Homepage and Instagram

P.s. they also sell their own bath salts, Epsom salts mixed with Icelandic sea salt. A great mini-spa and gift!