What on earth is wellness? Is it running on the treadmill for 20 minutes? Is it chugging wheatgrass smoothie? Is it maybe closing your eyes and swiping the credit card for the dress you NEED? (Soulwise you know)
Is it possibly calling your mother every day to see how she’s doing?

Browsing the internet one day I stumbled upon this mini-series on the British Vogue youtube channel about wellness. The episodes are about model Camille Rowe (my ultimate girl crush, I have to stop tearing up over every outfit she wears for not having it in my closet) and her journey finding out what is wellness.

She meets up with the most interesting people recommending everything from good nutrition and cardio to wearing energy crystals for a better health. My favorite episode is the one where she dances with strangers to an exotic music like no one is watching (not drunken club kind of way more like the turban incense kind), pretty sure that’s extremely healthy.

Its truly an interesting topic and the shows are only 15 minutes long each, very good balance against the 50 minute Netflix episodes we all have on the to-do list (if you haven’t seen Mindhunter I both judge and envy you).

Also, Camille smokes. So it’s not like she’s this alien supermodel that no one relates to. She has a bad habit like most of us (eating enormous amounts of crackers is my delicious bad habit) and so you relate to the protagonist which makes the show much more enjoyable.

Would kill and eat this family

Having watched all the shows (I’m one of those “I probably have cancer “ people so of course, I watched it all in one sitting) wellness really boils down to the fact that you need to respect yourself enough to understand that you deserve to be healthy and then you are motivated enough to do so every day. No temporary “no carbs diet” because of self-hate and expecting to like yourself if you are skinnier is going to do any good.

For all the episodes, click HERE.